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As a divorced/separated parent, do any of these concerns sound familiar?

  • “I don’t know what to say and how much to say to my kids regarding the divorce.”

  • “How do I get my child to talk to me about the divorce? She just shuts down."

  • “How do I help my child when she’s crying for her other parent?”

  • “My kids are treating me as if I’m the bad guy.”

  • “When the children are with their other parent, I am bad mouthed constantly.”

  • “No matter what my ex does, he seems to be respected and loved more. Yet, I’m the one who does it all."

  • “My daughter feels the divorce is her fault.”

What if you...
  • Knew how to address the divorce topic with your children so you can help them share feelings and concerns?

  • Felt confident that you are providing an age-appropriate explanation for why you and their other parent have divorced or separated?

  • Understood how your children’s developmental level is impacting their response to your divorce or separation?

  • Knew how to set boundaries and use them to nurture communication with your children?

  • Experienced more connection and less alienation with your children?

  • Knew how to help your children rely more on their faith in order grow fully?

It is possible to have a solid relationship with your kids post-divorce.


As a pastoral counselor and child of divorce, I have helped so many Catholic families affected by divorce or separation do just that: strengthen relationships.


I would love to share this information with you because I know firsthand: There aren't many resources out there to walk with you and your children on this journey. Instead of hiding your needs for fear of being stigmatized, this is the place where you are seen, heard, and accompanied without judgment.

Let's get you on the path to strengthened relationships. Here are three simple first steps:

Yasmin, divorced parent of 2 teenage daughters

“I feel I now have the tools to discuss the divorce with my daughters. I have more confidence in knowing I have the power to make positive changes in our relationships. I most enjoyed being able to talk to Lynn one-on-one in order to get her insights on my specific situation.”
No Judgment

In watching my mom and dad’s journeys through the separation and divorce, I know that you

are hurting too, and you need support.

I want to reemphasize - there is no room for shame here, and you are not alone.

I also want you to know that the Church is here for you, whether or not you feel that support at your local parish level. From a parenting perspective, I have many resources for Catholic divorced parents, which you can find here.

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