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Calm the Storm

Faith Journeys Program for

Children and/or Teens from

Divorced, Separated and Remarried Families

Parental divorce is one of the best documented risk factors for marriage dissolution. While the Church devotes a lot of attention to supporting marriage and family, what about preventive resources for children and teens from divorced or separated families?

A child of divorce myself, I've dedicated my life to being that resource through Faith Journeys.



Faith Journeys' Calm the Storm program is a Catholic-based, small group intervention that facilitates children's healing and growth after parental divorce or separation while empowering parents, so children’s gains may be maximized. Authentically Catholic, participants learn how to identify and work through their feelings and divorce-related problems while trusting in God and repairing broken relationships with family and others.


Ideal for ages 8 and older, these groups offer children and teens an opportunity to connect with others experiencing similar family dynamics, process their grief, and learn coping skills.


Pope Benedict XVI has recognized the Calm the Storm program. It has also received endorsements from Church Hierarchy and awards from the Catholic Press Association.

“I have let out the bad feelings and feel a lot better. I get to react better to my parents and my friends, and I actually get to be a kid again.”
- Eric, 10-year-old child of divorced parents
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