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You don't have to embark on this journey alone...and neither do your children. Studies have shown that the most successful children of divorce were provided with resources like small groups and accompaniment materials to help them process their feelings and develop healthy relationships.



The Divorced Catholic’s Guide to Parenting


"I commend Lynn Cassella-Kapusinski for shining light on a common, but difficult to address, topic. She offers wisdom for parents on how, with God’s grace, to raise their children after the pain of separation. Not only does she communicate the teaching of the Church, but she also offers insightful, practical details, stemming from her own experience as a counselor, that will
greatly benefit divorced parents in supporting and guiding their children.”

— Archbishop Samuel J. Aquila, Archdiocese of Denver

“The Divorced Catholics Guide to Parenting is a welcome follow-up to Lynn’s earlier works. Drawing from the best of the psychological sciences, the Church’s teachings, and her own experiences, this newest addition demonstrates a thoughtful coincidence of wisdom with approachability and practicality. Lynn’s book and ministry are great gifts to the Archdiocese of Baltimore and beyond.”

— Archbishop William E. Lori, Archdiocese of Baltimore

“Lynn Cassella-Kapusinski’s book, The Divorced Catholic’s Guide to Parenting, is an answer to the calling of the whole Christian community to accompany with attention and care those who have endured the effects of divorce. Offering professional and personal insights, it is a timely
resource particularly to help treat and heal the wounds suffered by the most innocent and vulnerable — the children of divorce.”

— Wilton Cardinal Gregory, Archdiocese of

Washington, D.C.


“Divorced parents can worry a little less; this book—written from a faithfully Catholic perspective—is loaded with practical help for Mom and Dad. It’s based on sound psychology, the truths of the Catholic faith, and Lynn’s own powerful and poignant insights as an adult child of divorce. Rightfully, it orders the content to help you stabilize your child’s emotions first before diving into
the deeper issues. . . As Catholics, Lynn reminds us God stills heals and with our cooperation even brings great good from it. Let her accompany you as you accompany your child: to enter the wounds with God, embrace the cross, and grow in holiness—even happiness!"

 Rose Sweet, Author of Surviving Divorce: Hope and Healing for the Catholic Family


“A remarkable book to aid divorced parents in pastorally walking with their child who has been affected by divorce. Lynn once more writes a great resource for families who seek healing. She provides practical and poignant steps that divorced parents can take to aid their child. Lynn
captures the reality that it is faith in God that will be an anchor for all dealing with loss and pain.”
— Michael Donaldson, MTS, Senior Director for

Office of Life, Justice and Peace,

Archdiocese of Los Angeles, CA

"Lynn is a licensed clinical professional counselor and pastoral counselor who speaks from the advantage point of being a child of divorce, and she taps into the real concerns and issues that children face in divorce. I would hope that any couple facing divorce, who have children, would purchase this book as it brings hope and a way forward. I might also add that there is a very good resource list in the back of the book."

— Kathy Schmugge, MTS, Director of Family Life,
Diocese of Charleston, SC


"The Divorced Catholic’s Guide To Parenting" is an indispensable tool for helping children cope with divorce. The book reads easily as the author guides us through her own personal experiences, and offers practical suggestions in sound wisdom. Most importantly, Lynn sheds light on what the Catholic Church teaches in these critical situations which is often a great source of confusion for many parents seeking guidance. I highly recommend this book and pray that all divorced parents will read it."

— Lisa Duffy, Author of Mending The Heart: A Catholic
Annulment Companion

Now What Do I Do?

“This book is a unique weaving of spirituality, psychological insight, and the author’s personal
triumph as a child of divorced parents. I cannot think of another resource for adolescents on this important topic that is so well done.”
— The Most Reverend Edwin F. O’Brien, Apostolic Administrator, Archdiocese of Baltimore


“This guide, written as a workbook to help teens put the spotlight on their very personal situation, rings with authenticity and truth. I especially commend the author for pointing out that all of us are “human and imperfect.” She doesn’t gloss over the need to forgive those who
hurt us, including parents. But, most important, from her own experience she helps young people see that they can learn much and emerge stronger from this walk through such a tough time.”
Antoinette Bosco, syndicated columnist with the National Catholic News Service


“In this wonderful book, Cassella-Kapusinski provides insightful ways by which adolescents can take charge of the issues surrounding their parents’ separation or divorce. By tackling such critical concerns as anger, forgiveness, guilt and self-esteem enveloped in exercises and stories, her book will soothe and stretch the teenager’s wounded soul. Aimed at individuals as well as
groups, the book promises to provide healing and hope for many.”
— Reverend Kevin Gillespie, S.J., Ph.D., Interim Dean Loyola University Chicago, School of Social Work


“The author writes from her own experience of her parents’ divorce in language that is understood easily by teens and respectful of their experience. She invites her readers to trust that God can bring good out of pain and forge new family bonds out of brokenness. This book
needs to be in the hands of anyone working with teens and in the hands of teens themselves.

— Sister Kathleen Hine, SND, who worked in Catholic schools for more than 20 years.


"Unfortunately, with marriage sometimes comes divorce and upset children. Now What Do I Do? affords teens the opportunity to explore their feelings and emotions during this time. Lynn Cassella-Kapusinski has given teens an excellent tool to assist them on their journey of healing.”
William F. Urbine, D.Min., Director, Office of Family Life Ministries, Diocese of Allentown, ordained deacon and therapist in private practice

When Parents Divorce or Separate 

“When Parents Divorce or Separate is a resource for any family, school, or program that wants to help children of divorced or separated parents understand the role of God and faith in their lives after the pain. Lynn Cassella-Kapusinski gives children and parents a good roadmap that allows the beauty of Catholic teaching to inform the recovery and rebuilding process.”
Cardinal Francis George, O.M.I., Archdiocese of Chicago

“The best book I have ever seen for helping children deal with divorce or separation. This book provides practical, meaningful advice kids can apply to their lived experience, within the framework of Catholic teaching.”
— Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers, EWTN Host of Made in His Image: Family Life Today, Author of
The Mass in Sacred Scripture

“A must for parents and all therapists who work with Christian children in the aftermath of divorce. This sensitive, useful and practical Catholic guide is an invaluable tool for preventing the generational wound of divorce from being carried forward.”
Ana Maria Anastasiades, M.D., Member of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry

“I cannot think of a better book to put into the hands of a child suffering because of their parents’ divorce. This book is full of hope!”
Lisa Duffy, Author of Divorced Catholic. Now What?

Making Your Way After Your Parents' Divorce

“You are in the hands of an authority. Lynn not only has studied Catholic teachings but she has also triumphed over the struggles you’re experiencing, relying on her faith and Jesus’ example. She shows in this book an ability both to empathize and guide, to “talk the talk and walk the walk.” Rather than avoid suffering, she becomes intimate with it. She is acutely attentive, also, to the range of your feelings, largely, in my estimation, because of what her own experience has taught her. . . . I highly recommend this book to both practicing and nonpracticing Christians, believers and nonbelievers, as well as lay and professional persons. It offers not a
treatise on faith or religion, but an example of what both are meant to do.”
— Fr. Theodore M. Hesburgh, C.S.C., President Emeritus, University of Notre Dame


“Finally, a very practical tool for adolescents and young adults of divorce. This will assist them in finding peace and closure to their experience. Lynn’s sensitivity comes from both personal experience and exceptionally well-developed insight. Clinicians will find it a useful tool in
working with this population.”
Dr. Patricia Henel, Family Therapist


“Lynn provides a valuable and usable resource for the pastoral care of young people. Many youth experience the difficulties and struggles related to divorce, and this book provides insight and fosters healing. Useful for individual reflection by young people, small group sessions, and as a resource for parents, catechists, teachers, and young ministers. “Making Your Way”
describes the spectrum of emotional and relational issues and includes reflection and journal questions and exercises. I especially appreciate the attention to the faith dimension and one’s relationship with God in the experience of divorce, as well as the clear and concise presentation of Church teachings on marriage, divorce, and annulment.”
Bob McCarty, D. min., Executive Director, National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry


“A beautiful, sensitive and practical guide for any family facing the adjustments of divorce. A must read for teenagers and young adults of divorced parents. It brings God’s peace and healing to the human heart!”
Carol Tempel, Coordinator, Family Life Ministry, Archdiocese of St. Louis


“Lynn has done “a divorced generation” a marvelous service. By sharing her story, she will make numerous young (and not so young) people take a good look at who they are and what they can grow into. She reveals a life journey where walking with God in faith can take us to Catholic and Christian maturity. Our past does not have to limit us – it can propel us into becoming whole, holy, and responsible beings. Lynn’s step-by-step approach will inspire so many to have the courage to take ownership with their lives. A.A. has twelve steps; now the children of divorce have thirteen chapters to walk to a new freedom.
I wish I would have had this resource years ago.”
— Reverend John Dennehy, Newark Newman Center

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