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As a child of divorced parents, Lynn is well aware of the unique nature of divorce grief experienced by children and the difficulties involved in growing from it to create a happy, holy, lifelong marriage.


Her parents separated when she was 11, then divorced five years later.  At that time, churches were not offering support programs for children from divorced families, so Lynn and her older brother, Marc, formed their own two-person group.  It was a tremendous consolation to have this “safe place” and peer support to work through the changes occurring in their family. 


When in her thirties, statistics regarding the higher divorce rate and other problems associated with children of divorce (e.g. academic problems, difficulties getting along with peers and siblings, substance abuse, delinquency, etc.) weighed heavily on Lynn’s mind.     One question nagged at her:  “What enabled her to beat these odds?”    


Stable parenting from her mother and decreased conflict between her parents helped her appreciably.  However, it did not help her weather the emotional storms of divorce grief.  She knew her faith, Catholic upbringing, and that support group were critically important in keeping her “anchored.”  She wanted to help other children access similar resources. 


She volunteered as a facilitator for other organizations offering groups for children of divorce, but found their programs very lacking.  She discovered what was needed was a structured curriculum that offered children an emotional and spiritual framework and “building process” for working through their grief.  This curriculum also needed to guide children in incorporating Christian teachings and wisdom into the healing solution.


In creating her four books, Lynn made an award-winning, Catholic-based program that speaks to the common feelings and difficulties of children from divorced families, while guiding them with specific tools for managing grief, building skills, and relying on faith and Church teachings in their journey towards growth.


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