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Is your church or school interested in offering a Catholic-based prevention group program for children and/or adolescents from divorced or separated families?  Do you need to train small group leaders in this regard, or “brush up” on group facilitation skills yourself?         


Participate in an in-person or online training with Lynn and learn how to:

  • Use an award-winning Catholic-based curriculum in a group program for children and/or adolescents;

  • Involve parents to maximize the benefits of this intervention;

  • Incorporate fun, theme-base activities to increase the children’s learning;

  • Use helping skills effectively;

  • Help group members make connections with one another;

  • Use “cutting off” and “drawing out” techniques . . . and much MORE!


Are you interested in overseeing a Catholic-based prevention group program for children of divorce, but unsure how to start or need direction in a few areas?  Would you like to partner with a mentor who can guide you through the various steps, as needed, and help you overcome common challenges along the way?


Participate in a phone or Zoom consultation with Lynn and learn:

  • Optimal group sizes; number/duration of sessions; physical setting for the group;

  • How to screen and select group members;

  • How to recruit small group leaders and group members;

  • Confidentiality issues;

  • Setting registration fees,

  • Intake and Consent forms ;

  • How to involve parents . . . and much MORE!

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