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Helping Those Struggling With Divorce
Helping Those Struggling With Divorce
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When Parents Divorce or Separate: I Can Get Through This


When Parents Divorce or Separate: I Can Get Through This (A Catholic Guide for Kids) has been endorsed by Cardinal Donald Wuerl, Cardinal Francis George, O.M.I., and other Catholic leaders. Formed by the truths of the Catholic faith and by what professionals in family counseling have found helpful, this guide through parental divorce and separation designed for children ages 8-12 blends faith with interactive elements. Whether you are a parent, guardian, caretaker, counselor, therapist, support group leader, or ministry program coordinator, with this resource, you can provide your child with a safe space for coping, healing, and growing. Chapters cover the entire experience of divorce or separation-its development, onset, duration, and aftermath-and acknowledge a child's emotional, mental, and physical responses amidst these stages. Children can address their feelings through:

Realistic vignettes
Journaling spaces
Writing prompts
Drawing and coloring
Helpful tips and practical information
Reflection Questions

The chapters are:

Family: Do I Still Have One? Will I Ever Have One Again?
Crummy Feelings: What Do You Do with Them?
Separation and Divorce: Why Does It Happen?
Divorce Problems: What Can I Do to Help Solve Them?
Divorce Solutions: How Do I Take Action?
Caught Between: How Do I Get Out of the Middle
Anger: How Do I Handle It?
God: Does He Care?
Forgiveness: What If I Don't Want to Forgive?
When A Parent Stays Away: What Do I Do?
Dating, Stepparents, and Stepfamilies: What If I'm Not Ready for Another Change?
God's Plan for Marriage: Where Can I Find Hope?

To order When Parents Divorce or Separate: I Can Get Through This (A Catholic Guide for Kids), contact Pauline Books & Media at (800) 876-4463 or visit:

Now What Do I Do?


Now What Do I Do? A Guide to Help Teenagers with Their Parents' Separation or Divorce has been endorsed by Donald Cardinal Wuerl, Cardinal Edwin F. O'Brien, and other Catholic leaders. It also received second place in the Family Life category of the 2007 Catholic Press Association Book awards. It is written as a workbook to help middle schoolers and high schoolers vent some of their anger, fear and frustration over their parentsí breakup, whether it is recent or years in the past. Some of the activities are fun while others are more serious; some are designed to be done alone, others can be done with friends. The point of this book is to help middle schoolers and high schoolers realize they are not alone as they go through this tough time.

The chapters include:

Feeling Bummed Out: How Do You Deal with It?
Blame: Whose Fault Is It Anyway?
Self Esteem: Am I Any Good?
Parents: If I Ignore the Problems, Will They Go Away?
Parents: What Am I Going to Do with Them?
Family: Will I Ever Have One Again?
War Zone: How Do I Get Out?
Anger: How Do I Get Past It?
God: Where Are You When I Need You?
Forgiveness: What If I Donít Want To?

While aimed directly at middle schoolers and high schoolers, Now What Do I Do? is also a helpful guide for parents, counselors, social workers, religious educators, and youth ministers who want to help young people work through their emotions. This book can be used with group programs, retreats, health or religious education classes, counseling sessions, as well as with individual adolescents.

A facilitator's guide for Now What Do I Do? is also available. It includes practical instruction on running a group, nearly 40 activity ideas, and a disk of ready-to-use handout and marketing information. For purchasing information, please email us at

To order Now What Do I Do?, contact ACTA Publications at (800) 397-2282 or visit:

Making Your Way


Making Your Way After Your Parents Divorce
Foreword by Father Theodore Hesburgh, C.S.C.

Written by a "child of divorce" for "children of divorce," Making Your Way After Your Parents' Divorce takes an honest look at the effects that parental divorce can have in the life of an older teenager or young adult and the ways that they can move toward healing and forgiveness. It has been endorsed by Donald Cardinal Wuerl and other Catholic leaders. Although aimed at older teenagers and young adults, this book is a valuable resource for counselors, ministers, religious educators, social workers, and divorced parents themselves. Ideal for both individual and group use.

To order, contact Liguori Publications at (800) 325-9521 or visit

When Parents Divorce
When Parents Divorce

Parental divorce tragically traumatizes children. Although attention is focused on younger children of divorce, teens and young adults often face more serious challenges than their younger counterparts. This is due to the fact they have a greater understanding of what has gone on in their family and are more fully aware that things will never be the same. This booklet, now in its second printing, offers suggestions for validating grief, sharing feelings, maintaining perspective, and rebuilding relationships.

To order, contact Liguori Publications at (800) 325-9521 or visit

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